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Steel Company srl

The Steel Company Ltd. is a company that always operates in the industry, specializing in steel processing for each application purpose in terms of naval, industrial and civil.

Since birth has always been present in the Italian and foreign shipyards, first of all the site "STX Europe" in Saint-Nazaire in France, the shipyard "Meyer Werft" in Papenburg in Germany and the construction site "Mitsubishi" in Nagasaki in Japan .

It 'a young company recently founded, but with decades of experience behind it, the quality that differs in its sector.

Always the commitment of the Steel Company Ltd. is the distinction for high quality standards and high professional preparation; a characteristic that has led the company to continuous technical readjustments, extensions and recruitment. These features have allowed the improvement and strengthening of their own reality, since the early years of the company. All these production standards and the improvements achieved, pushed the Steel Company Ltd to increase its production company, investing in new horizons for the future business and corporate law, expanding the field of application, to the production of naval equipment, production entirely carried out at its headquarters, with the interaction between specific industrial machinery and qualified personnel in the field.

The goal of growth and Steel Company Ltd. of all employees, is to consolidate corporate and industrial leadership from the point of view of the steel sector, with future expansion into new areas of their production processes that go beyond the shipbuilding sector, embracing also the sector of civil and industrial furniture.